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Worldwide Conferences on Online Marketing, Web Design and Development September-December 2015

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Online Marketing Conferences, Web Design, Development Conferences 2015

As I accustomed you with the previous posts on worldwide conferences (see those from January-April and from May-August), here’s another post with the worldwide conferences on Online Marketing, Web Design and Web Development happening in the next quarter of 2015, conferences taking place worldwide from September to December.

Wrap of PubCon, MX15, SMSsummit, UXPoland, IAS15, Campdigital, TNWeurope, FOWD, HeroConf, SmashingConf, SearchLove (April 2)

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Wrap IAS15, CampDigital, FOWD, HeroConf

Wrap with presentations from PubCon, MX15, SMSsummit, IAS15,CampDigital, TNWEurope, GEL2015, FOWD, HeroConf, SmashingConf, SearchLove

Amazing learnings and good inspiration from awesome online marketing conferences that took place in April.

Here’s the food for thought, the wrap and keynotes

Convert 404 Error Pages Into Opportunities – Curated News (10)

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Convert 404 Error Pages Into Opportunities

We learn from errors and my approach towards the 404 error pages is to take full advantage of them and turn the 404 error pages into opportunities. Websites should have nicer customized and more useful 404 error pages which are not actual pages on a site, but results of a status code response on the server side. In this article I am talking about the 404 not found errors, not about the 404 soft errors.

Keynotes on Open Vis Conference, Grow Conf, Marketing Nation Summit, Converge SE, Lean UX, Generate Conf April (1)

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OpenVis, GROWCO, MktgNation, ConvergeSE, Generate Conf Keynotes

Keynotes on the conferences that took place in the first part of April: Open Vis, Grow Conference, The Marketing Nation Summit, Converge SE, Lean UX , Generate 

My brain just lit up with ideas from these conferences as they treat different problems, small and large business experiences.