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The Use of Minimalistic Design in Present Day

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The famous designer Saul Bass used to say that “Design is thinking made visual”.

Do you want to make your users over think?

We hope you don’t, which is why we advise you to always go for the simplest and cleanest web design. Go for minimalistic design.

What does minimalism have to do with designing a website?

How can it help your users have a happier and more productive experience on your website?

Read on and discover the power of balancing aesthetics with functionality in a flawless web design where less is usually… more.

Worldwide Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing Events: January-April 2015

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We are always up-to-date with the most important worldwide events in the online marketing industry and we thought to share them with you, in case you would like to participate or just follow them live or from “distance” as we do. Following these events brings you closer to the most important trends and news not just in the digital marketing industry, but as well in web design, web development, communication and technology.