Mobile design and optimisation for web applications development, using PhoneGap, Android or iOS

Applications account for 89% of mobile media time and mobile searches are poised to soar. No reputable business affords to ignore the power of a fully customized, mobile dedicated app that will make users addicted to interacting with its brand. Is designing in this new field more challenging than traditional web design? Moreover, should it come second?

Mobile design services: mobile applications using PhoneGap

Mobile design is, indeed, more challenging because of the high demand for responsiveness. Creating applications independent of screen size and operating systems makes it harder, not impossible. To us, impossible is not a fact, but rather an opinion that we refuse to take into account.

Contrary to the general perception, that mobile optimization should follow the traditional web development and design, mobile-first design is the smarter approach! When you allow mobile experience to serve as baseline for the design of all your digital strategies, scaling up for wider screens will be much easier in the end.

Mobile design services and mobile app development, Design19

If you would have to choose between user dismay and user delight, we reckon you would go for the second. That one requires a great mobile app and an equally great design. By investing in mobile app design from the very beginning, you will accelerate your user engagement, entice user adoption, reduce support costs and simplify all your future updates. If you are going to do it anyway, do it right, from the start.

Mobile design services: custom mobile app for any devices

Mobile Design from A to Z:

We are committed to providing the best and we can only do so with a highly skilled team of architects and visual interface designers, on call to deliver a full range of mobile design services:

  • We run business analysis models;
  • We excel in UI and UX design;
  • We master the development and design of both native and cross-platform mobile apps;
  • We offer consultancy in terms of mobile technologies.

But first, we need to have a deep understanding of your business – goals and objectives you have, profiles of segments you address, what are you planning to build and for whom? With your help, we draft buyer personas and user journey maps, task flows and user scenarios – everything that will help us make the right design decisions..

Mockups, wireframes, and interactive prototypes fill in the dots, followed by usability planning, testing, and reporting. The result? A clutter free, flexible and responsive design that constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

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