QA strategy and methodology in the development of a high-quality software or web application for any device

Our focus, as an agency, is on fully customized projects. For as much as bespoke development goes off the beaten path, we are constantly on a mission of evaluating, identifying and repairing the minor imperfections that might occur.

An impeccable coding and user experience is what we strive for, with quality as the backbone of our joint efforts. That is why we serve our customers with intensive hours of testing and we go that extra mile to ensure:.

  • Functionality QA testing
  • All browsers compatibility
  • Highest customer care

Committed to excellence, we keep working until your application will fit every screen, look amazing, tell your story effectively and still operate efficiently, no matter what. This is the purpose of our QA servicing, which relies on:

  • The most open communication and well-researched consultation practices;
  • Extensive testing and re-evaluations, together with constant refining of all processes;
  • Intensive research and implementation of the latest and most proficient development trends.

We do not just obsess about developing application solutions that operate equally well on all platforms and devices, but also about keeping our customers in the loop. We set milestones and timelines from the very beginning, and we stick to them.

Furthermore, we are always at your disposal, easy to reach for any kind of information, whenever you have a question or a problem.