Information architecture: improving your existing products and seeking new business opportunities

Users now expect more than products and services. They covet for experiences and regardless of the path they take to reach your business, the final destination has to be unforgettable. Device-agnostic solutions that run in cloud, on every platform, on the latest web technologies will soon be the norm. Nonetheless, ensuring a perfect reflection of your business on every screen is already the norm and information architecture is a core element of this massive transformation.

Structured information

While most businesses expend their energy in creating appealing designs, they fail to uphold the standards of accessibility that users have come to expect. They unconsciously ignore the importance of IA, which is both the science and art of creating intuitive structures, hierarchies, and categorizations of online content.

We are here to change all that and meticulously develop custom web applications that will deliver a delightful experience to your audience.

Intuitive structures

The proper information architecture audit should provide you a better sense of how people actually use your product and how its structure should function to better support all that. For this purpose we will:

  • Put on paper the navigational routes and traffic patterns that take your customer from any given point A to any given point B.
  • Help you anticipate your customers’ needs, meet their goals, and lure them into increasing your brand awareness and sales.
Navigation route

Your Information Architecture Project Journey:

Our implementation of a highly effective IA strategy commences with apprehending your needs. Nevertheless, we move on to improving your existing products and seeking new business opportunities. Before we map a completely new roadmap to your digital transformation, we shall:

Discuss your business and its objectives – we focus on custom web applications, hence our need to know in depth your business model, customer segments, and positioning among competitors. Regular meetings and consultations will be a mandatory part of the process.

Research your overall business environment – we analyze your industry and the marketplace; your competitors’ profile and your company’s weaknesses and strengths.

Develop a systematic report for your business approach – through the friendliest search-engine formula; we provide page interlinking structure, navigation labeling, taxonomy, inventories, usability testing, prototypes, and more!

information architecture services

To us, Information Architecture Services involve 6 essential steps:

  1. Objectives
  2. Sitemap
  3. Workflow
  4. Content inventory
  5. Technical specifications
  6. Wireframe