PSD to HTML Services

We take your designs to pixel perfect HTML for any device.

Technology is an enabler and not a solution and we push ourselves to develop and design better with every project we work on.



CSS Frameworks
Twitter Bootstrap, 960 Grid, HTML5 Boilerplate, Less.css, SASS, Compass

CMS Implementation
WordPress, Magento, Joomla
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SDKs, plugins, tools and resources that help us build great apps and make sites more social.

jQuery, jQuery UI, Java Script, Mootools, Prototype

Email Templates
MS Outlook 2007+, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera M2, AOL Webmail, Gmail, and

Mobile & Responsive
jQuery Mobile, Media Queries, Bootstrap, Foundation, Retina Display


All browsers compatibility

In order to avoid cross-browser incompatibilities, our team is testing every new site in many browsers and making sure your Web pages are displayed error free. If there are display problems in your browser, visitors and potential customers will leave your site and this won’t attract them back. It’s about your company’s reputation that may be damaged.

A professional looking site will make visitors stick around for longer, feel more comfortable and engaged by browsing more pages.

All browsers compatibility

Responsive design

Responsive design is no more a matter of screen sizes, but about capabilities and different experiences based on flexible and adaptable solutions. The constraints designers have to adapt to are the bandwidth and lesser screen size. Our developers and designers take into consideration a holistic view of users experiences and understand the need-states behind the main multi-screen behaviours and they prioritize by market share and testing at multiple resolutions. All the sites we build are fully responsive for all devices.

Responsive design

Highest QUALITY & Customer CARE

We value all our customers and we want to provide them with the highest quality and customer care. We are here to help and any suggestions from you will be taken into consideration.

We guarantee our work
We guarantee all of our work and we ensure you we exceed our customerss expectations. Great performance is great design, great development, usability, branding and content provided by our committed team that is here to help you anytime. We are up-to-date with trends and have proven experience with the technologies, tools, development and design approaches allows us to focus on the growth of your website and success of your business.

HIGH - LEVEL Customer care
At Design19 we guarantee you’ll be happy with our customer care. If at any time you have a question or a problem, please let us know so we can answer and rectify any errors that may have occurred. We are here to help, and any suggestion of our customers will be taken into consideration. We promise to answer to your requests in the shortest time.

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