Zend Framework development: customized eCommerce web applications for your business

We are committed to enriching medium-sized and big businesses alike through custom, modern and secure digital products built from scratch with Zend Framework. If you are looking to overstep the practicalities of web applications based on PHP, Zend is your next frontier.

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There will be numerous benefits for you to experience from the very beginning, but do take a glance at the most notable ones:

High-security applications - our fully customized projects will perfectly cater your project requirements. Aside from best coding practice and extensibility, we help with query optimization and set the foundations of an incredibly easy to use content management system.

Best industry practices and high performances - whether it is about the development of OOP software or MVC (model-view-controller) application architecture, we are engineered for high-performance.

Reliable maintenance and support - following the integration of your custom modules and API, we handle payment and gateway integration, we catch and eliminate bugs, we set up your caching system and focus on improving the performances, speed and SEO particularities of your bespoke Zend web application.

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Your Zend Framework Project Journey:

Our work methodology follows a few straightforward steps:

  1. We get together to discuss in detail the project and the requirements;
  2. We establish whether your best option falls into developing e-commerce Zend applications, business websites, customer relationship management systems or anything else, no matter how challenging;
  3. We research, plan, develop and start implementing the best programming strategies for your digital product;
  4. Throughout the process, we stay connected to you - direct communication, fast email response, periodic reporting and follow-ups of the process will be mandatory.

A project is never complete until you receive a thorough quality documentation. As always, you should be pleased to discover our servicing-after-deployment policy, which brings us to your service for technical support and general maintenance.

Should you decide you want to outsource all your Zend Framework tasks, we are always available!

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