SSL Certificates 101 And How To Install One For Free

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SSL Certificates 101 - how to install one for free!

2017 is taking us all closer to understanding what is it with HTTPS websites and SSL certificates. The notion is old but the menace is new since internet browsers are planning to put under the spotlights all the websites that lack a secure connection, making users think twice if they really want to access those platforms.

In this article, we’re going to round up the essentials of SSL certificates. Read on and you’ll also discover the simplest way to install an SSL certificate for free, with just one click

The essentials of your e-commerce blogging strategy

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E-commerce blogging strategy

The idea that blogging is not for e-commerce is just wrong. Content can definitely strengthen your online business, as long as you have a strategy in place and you stick to it. Sure, that’s where most business owners fail – they either don’t have a strategy at all or they are too eager to see results, so they stop too soon.

Practical guide on how to write an SEO Article

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Whether you own an online business (B2B, B2C) or a blog, you’ll always hear about marketing through SEO article (content marketing).

This is a technique used to increase your web page visibility, your traffic but also to reach more readers. All you need to do is write SEO articles.

Do you know how to write an SEO article?

At first sight, you can say that’s very simple….. but are you sure?

Writing an qualitative and correct SEO article is not only about laying out some ideas, is also about: structure, quality of information, keywords, etc.