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Why is landing page optimization important?

Getting organic traffic, which seems to be the largest driver of revenue in most sectors, according to Search Engine Watch (this is true also for our online marketing and SEO projects) is just a part of the optimization strategy.


We didn’t find yet the customers that can be happy with getting  plain organic traffic without any leads and sales. The last ones are perceived as “consequences” of the search engine optimization and these appeal more to business owners than just traffic. Makes sense, right? Even if SEO is not conversion optimization.

Which are the most effective methods for optimizing landing pages and conversion rates? 

According to a recent study these are:

  • A/B Testing
  • Copy optimization
  • Segmentation/targeting
  • Responsive design
  • Event-triggered email

Which are the 10 elements that make for an effective landing page?

1. Have a goal

2. Reassure your visitors

3. Keep your promise

4. Include a picture (page load times, image quality & Detail, graphics or infographics – 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text or video)

5. Treat people like people

6. Encourage sharing

7. A landing page for every purpose and occasion

8. Keep it simple and deliberate

9. Build trust

10. Test


Regarding the goal:  we must understand and engage with the audience type we target on those pages. Each landing page should be optimized for certain types of semantic queries that should match the content and these 4 major audience groups:

1. The people who SEE (those who are not ready to purchase yet and are simply observing and gathering info)
2. The people who THINK (those who are considering their options — comparing pros and cons before actually making a purchase)
3. The people who DO (those who actually buy)
4. The people who CARE (the existing customers)


Otherwise, this is what happens

expectations vs reality


What exactly can you test on a landing page?

  • Page headline
  • Sub-headline
  • Calls to action
  • Page layout
  • Forms on the page
  • Automatic sliders
  • Images (including background image)
  • Image captions (After your headline, your image captions are the next most likely copy to be read by visitors)
  • Copy & Font (the page should match the “query” the visitor made)
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Credibility symbols


What technical considerations should you care about when optimizing your landing pages?

  • Insights from Google Analytics (here are some easy Google Analytics reports for you to use when optimizing your landing pages)
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time to First Byte (I’ll come up soon with an article on this topic)
  • Loading time (speed)
  • Number of requests
  • Number of links on the page
  • How landing pages are rendering on different device types (now it’s important than ever to have your landing pages and the entire website optimized for mobile devices)

Things to consider in optimizing landing pages that convert: effective methods, elements & technicalities

Posted by Design19 on Thursday, May 14, 2015

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