Worldwide Conferences on Online Marketing, Web Design and Development September-December 2015

As I accustomed you with the previous posts on worldwide conferences (see those from January-April and from May-August), here’s another post with the worldwide conferences on Online Marketing, Web Design and Web Development happening in the next quarter of 2015, conferences taking place worldwide from September to December.

Online Marketing, Web Design, Development Conferences Sept-Dec 2015

Conferences in September

September 2-4: Blend Conference 2015 – (UX, design, front-end & back-end development) @blendconf

September 2-4: New Zealand PHP Conference 2015 – Wellington, New Zealand #phpNZ15

September 3: Coldfront Conference –  Copenhagen, Denmark (front-end conference)

September 8-10: UX STRAT – Athens, USA (UX, CX) #uxstrat

September 8-11: Inbound 2015  #inbound15

September 8-11: Content Marketing World  #CMWorld

September 9-11: UX Cambridge 2015 – UK (A practical User Experience conference) #uxcam

Sepember 10-11: Digital Design & Web Innovation Summit – Los Angeles, USA (Exploring the future of User Experience) @iegroup

September 11: dConstruct – Brighton, UK (Designing the future) – very interesting!  @dconstruct

September 11: The Lead Developer Conference (The conference for technical leads) @TheLeadDev

September 11: MobX Conference 2015 – Berlin, Germany (Mobile User Experience, Interaction Design) @mobxcon

September 13-15: Call to Action Conference – Vancouver, Canada #CTACONF ( focused on conversion optimization, landing page campaigns, copywriting, email marketing, PPC, design, A/B testing and more)

September 14-15: SmashingConf Freiburg 2015 –  Germany @smashingconf

September 14-18: Interact 2015 – Bamberg, Germany  (Designing for Diversity) #INTERACT2015

September 14-19: Big Design Conference 2015 – Texas, USA (focusing on Design, Strategy, UX, Content, Mobile, Gaming, Usability, Code Development, Multimedia & Film)  @BigDesign

September 15-18: Dreamforce San Francisco #DF15  (analytics, email, emerging trends, gamification, mobile, user experience, social matketing etc)

September 16-18: The Mobility and Modern Web Conference – Los Angeles, CA, USA ( the latest trends of mobile and the modern web) #MMWCON

September 17-18: Generate London 2015 – UK  (“A source of inspiration, education and networking opportunities, this year’s Generate will be packed with more top content from world-class speakers”)

September 17-18: Berlin Expert Days 2015 (Java, JavaScript, UX, responsive design, mobile / app) #bedcon

September 17-18: Frontend in Wanderland – Bologna, Italy

September 17-19: BigDesign – Addison, Texas (User Experience, Development, Content Strategy)  @BigDesign

September 19: Mobile UX Camp  – Washington, DC, USA #MUXDC ( for “mobile enthusiasts, user experience designers and anyone interested mobile UX and it’s future”)

September 19-20: WebExpo Conference 2015 – Prague, Czech Republic

September 22: SmartWeb 2015 – Bucharest, Romania (“A conference for web designers and developers, bringing you an exquisite lineup of speakers”)

September 22-23: MakingWeb 2.15 – Oslo, Norway (front-end and web design conference)

September 23-25: WebVisions Chicago 2015 @webvisions

September 23-24: Second Annual Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit (DCX 2015) – Chicago, IL #DCXSummit

September 24: Reject.JS –  Berlin, Germany ( full day JavaScript conference)

September 24-25: PHP Conference Asia – Singapore #PHPConfAsia

September 24-27: EuroIA – Madrid, Spain (IA, UX and more)

September 25-26: Digitized 2015 – Athens, Greece #digitized15

September 25-27: Fluxible – A user experience event – Ontario, Canada (UX) @TheFluxible

September 26: CSS Conf EU 2015 – Berlin, Germany

September 27-29: Digital Marketing Exchange, California  #DMExchange

September 27-29: Annual Conference Inspired Marketing #AMAannual

September 27 – October 1: eMetrics Summit, International Marketing Analytics Conferences Analytics #emetrics

September 28- 29: TopConf Bucharest – Romania (“designed for Developers, Product owners / managers, Architects, Project Managers, Methods- and Process-Experts”)

September 28-30: Dare Conference – London, UK #dareconf  (focus on digital design & experiences)

September 29 – October 1: SMX EAST New York 2015  #SMX

September 30 – October 2: Information Development World 2015 – San Jose, CA , USA  (topics covered: content strategy, content marketing, data & analytics, content management, customer experience and much more)

September 30 – October 2: Rebase 2015 – Dublin, Ireland (moving design forward) @rebaseconf

Conferences in October

October 1-2: Mobiconf – Krakow, Poland (mobile topics, mobile apps development, UI/UX design, apps business and mobile apps project management) #Mobiconf

October 1-3: Midwest UX –  @midwestUX

October 1-3: Paris Web 2015 – France @parisweb (web accessibility, digital design and open standards)

October 1-3: Made by Few –  Little Rock, AR, USA (The conference for makers of the web)  @madebyfew

October 3-4: Web Camp Zagreb – Croatia (technology oriented conference for developers & designers)

October 4-6: &THEN The Global Marketing Conference – Boston, MA #AndThen15

October 4-8: Gartner Symposium Orlando, Florida (technology and information, leadership, business outcomes)  @Gartner

October 5-7: Delight Conference – (brings hundreds of business, design and technology professionals in a unique event and covers a wide range of industries and verticals) #

October 5-7: HOW Interactive Design Conference 2015 – Chicago, USA  @howbrand

October 5 -8: Pubcon Las Vegas 2015 (social media, digital marketing, search engines, online advertising) #Pubcon

October 5-8: UX Intensive – Denver, USA

October 7-8: World Usability Congress 2015 – Graz, Austria (UX topics)

October 8-9: Fronteers 2015 -Amsterdam, Holland (one of Europe’s largest conferences on front-end web development) #fronteers15

October 9: Forge Forge Conference 2015 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  (focused on user experience and design in digital products) – nice headline “a place for makers”

October 9-10: UXDC Conference – Washington DC @uxdc

October 10: InboundCon -Toronto, Canada (among the speakers: Oli Gardner, Co-Founder of Unbounce, and Sean Ellis, CEO of GrowthHackers and Qualaroo)

October 15-16: Social Brand Forum 2015 – Iowa City (Digital marketing) #SocialBrand15

October 15-17: UX Bucharest – Romania #UXBucharest2015

October 16-17:  ConnectJS 2015 – Atlanta, USA  (“JavaScript. Web. CSS. HTML5. Mobile. With more of all that, and new tracks on PHP and Rails”)

October 18-20: ASCEND 2015  – The Next Level Digital Marketing Summit #ASCENDSummit

October 18-21: LavaCon 2015 – New Orleans, LA (on content strategy and techcomm management)

October 19-20: HTML5 Developer Conference – San Francisco, CA, USA (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, node.js and other cross platform web, mobile and server technologies)

October 19-22: ZendCon 2015 – Las Vegas, USA – The Global PHP Conference

October 20-21: Smashing Conf Barcelona – Spain @smashingconf

October 20-21: Interact London – Inspiring UX thinkers (user experience, information architecture, user research and digital design) @interact 

October 21-23: Marketing Profs B2B Marketing Forum (among the speakers: Avinash Kaushik, Sherry Turkle, Peter Sagal, Heidi Cohen & many more) #mpb2b

October 21-23: Webdagene 2015 – Oslo, Norway (covers topics such as: design, prototyping, content, user research, information architecture, usability testing, mobile platforms)  @webdagene

October 22-23: HighLoad++ 2015 – Moscow, Russia

October 23-24: Push Conference 2015 – Munich Germany (unites creative coding and user experience design)  #push15

October 23-25: UCD2015 Conference – London, UK  (Humanity in digital landscapes) #UCD15

October 26-27: Aggregate Conference – Louisville, KY, USA  (content as a practice) #GGRGT

October 26-28: FullStack 2015 – London, UK (the conference on JavaScript, Node & Internet of Things #IoT) #fullstackcon

October 26-28: CSS Dev Conf 2015 – Long Beach, CA, USA (conference devoted to CSS)

October 28-30: FOWD San Francisco (conference for web designers and developers in 2015 and beyond)

October 28-30: UX  New Zealand 2015 – Wellington, New Zealand (sharING tales of wisdom and absorbing all things UX)  #UXNZ2015

October 29-30: Amuse UX Conference – Budapest, Hungary (for UX practitioners, product managers, frontend developers, designers or market researchers) #amuseconf

October 29-30: Revolve Conference – Charleston, SC, USA (Design, Digital Marketing & Business)

October 29-30: Droidcon London 2015 – UK,  (the latest Android advances & new technologies)  #DROIDCONUK

Conferences in November

Novermber 1: SMX Israel (for SEOs, SEMs, SMOs and affiliate marketers)  @smx

November 2-4: FOWD NYC (conference for web designers and developers in 2015 and beyond)

November 2-4: UI20 Conference – Boston, Massachusetts

November 3: Thunder Plains – developer conference focusing on JavaScript and related technologies in a wide variety of different use cases and platforms that make the web all the more interesting: HTML, CSS, APIS, Mobile @thunderplains 

November 3-5: 2015 Forbes CMO Summit – Naples, FL (Building Brands and Businesses: CMOs as Architects of Growth)

Novermber 3-5:  J. Boye Aarhus 15 – Aarhus, Denmark #jboye15 (content strategy, customer experience design, social business and more)

November 7-8:  CanUX Conference 2015 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

November 8-12: Gartner Symposium/ITxpo – Barcelona, Spain – speakers from all industries: financial, education, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and more)

November 12-13: The Incite Summit: East – NY, USA

November 12-13: Frontiers of Interaction 2015: FrontiersX – Milan, Italy  #FOI15 (the meeting point of design, technology & everything interactive)

November 12-13: SMX Milan – Italy

November 12-13: NationJS – Silver Spring, MD, USA (“Bringing the best of development with JavaScript and the Web Platform to the Mid-Atlantic”)

November 13: Collaborate Bristol 2015 – Bristol, UK (UX, IA and Design conference)  @collaborateconf

November 16-17: State of Search Conference– Dallas, TX  #StateofSearch

November 16-17: The Service Experience Conference– San Francisco, CA (focuses on the practice and execution of service design)

November 16-18: QCon San Franscisco –  #QConSF (“designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers”)

November 17-18: MobCon 2015 – Minneapolis, USA (mobile conference for executives, IT and mobile strategy professionals)

Noverber 18-19: IoT World Forum 2015  #IoT

November 18-19: Apps World 2015 –  London, UK #AppsWorld

November 18-21: Interaction South America 2015 – Cordoba, Argentina (User Experience, technology and innovation) #ISA15

nOVEMBER 30 – December 2: MUM 2015 – Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia in Cordoba, Argentina #MUM2015

Conferences in December

December 1-3: Gilbane Conference 2015 – Boston, Ma (Content, Technology and CX) #gilbane


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