Wrap of PubCon, MX15, SMSsummit, UXPoland, IAS15, Campdigital, TNWeurope, FOWD, HeroConf, SmashingConf, SearchLove (April 2)

Wrap with presentations from PubCon, MX15, SMSsummit, IAS15,CampDigital, TNWEurope, GEL2015, FOWD, HeroConf, SmashingConf, SearchLove

Amazing learnings and good inspiration from awesome online marketing conferences that took place in April.

Here’s the food for thought, the wrap and keynotes

Wrap IAS15, CampDigital, FOWD, HeroConf

April 20: PubCon Austin – USA (Social Media, Online Marketing, Search-Related Research)

Why SEO That Used to Work, Fails – Great presentation by Rand Fishkin
Why visual content works – Matt Siltala
6 key takeaways from Pubcon
Content inspiration – presentation by Joe Youngblood
I found an new interesting tool for long tail keywords with low SEO competition

April 20-21: MX Conference 2015 –  San Francisco, California USA  AdaptivePath#mx15

Conference on: Design for Innovation, UX The Management of Design, The Well-Designed Team
Day 1: Communication as oxygen. Day 2: Communication as experience.

Day 2  The videos from #MX2015 are here (with email) and without email

April 20-23: UX Poland – Warsaw, Poland  (UX) #UXPoland2015

5 Highlights from UX Poland
Why microinteractions are important in moble UX? –Monika Mikowska
How to create better A/B tests based on user research – AG Consult

April 20-28: Social Media Strategies Summit: Chicago 2015 – Chicago (Social Media) #SMSsummit

Here are the presentations (you can download them as pdfs)

April 22-26: IA Summit 2015 – Minnesota USA (IA, UX, Content Strategy) #IAS15 

What we mean by meaning: new structural properties of information architecture – Marsha Haverty
Shaping Organizations to Deliver Great User Experiences – Peter Merholz
Atomizer – Microcontent and the Future of IA –  Bram Wessel
Once You See It You Can’t Unsee It: Tracing Information Ecologies – Rachael Hodder
Learning from Users in their Natural Habitat – Sara Cambridge
Keynotes from Elizabeth Buchanan’s presentation on “Living in a Time of (Un)Ethical Algorithms”

Transcript of Jorge Arango’s speech
Swimming With the Sharks Without Becoming One – Enterprise UX – Amy Marquez
Archaeology & IA: The Adventures of Information Jones – Margaret Alldredge
Visual Definitions of User Experience – Hienadź “Gena” Drahun
Being a Professional Novice – Frank Duran
Design is synthesis and Architecture is analysis. – @danklyn #ias15 — UX How (@UXHow) April 26, 2015

April 23: CAMP Digital – Manchester, UK,  (Digital Design, UX)  #CampDigital

Links away from a form page – think attention ratio 1:1 – Unbounce
How to test your mobile site without spending a fortune – Barry Briggs

Pure CSS cross browser animations for fun and profit – Liam Richardson
Slides from Fritz von Runte’s presentation on Garndering positive engagement from stakeholders who don’t understand UX
Lean UX: Five lessons from the Prussian army – Colman Walsh
Slides and presentations of Daryl Walker Smith and Richard Halford
Jane Dwire’s takeaways on what pharma can learn from other industries
Making innovation happen – LBHB Guerilla UX Techniques – Chris Bush

April 23-24: TNW Europe Conference – Amsterdam  #TNWEurope

De Viff P’s van Growth Hacking presentation (the 5 Ps)
The 11 best hacks from TNW Europe 2015
An interesting video on how 360social.me works
5 things you should remember  via Social Seeder
Best Startups and Tech for Millenials (apps)
The future of advertising – interesting itakeaways from Kiip’s Brian Wong (moments as a currency; the importance of seizing moments & meeting customer needs right there)

Here’s the livestream (videos from TNWEurope)

April 23-24: Gel Conference 2015 New York USA  #gel2015

Nancy Lubin’s presentation – Crisis Text Line Here’a a wrap with ideas from Gel 2015 – by The Big Picture

April 27-29: Future of Web Design – London (For Web Designers and Front-end Developers) #FOWD

Designing the client experience – Matt Gibson
The art of deception – Stephen Hay
The good, the bad and the ugly – Lisa Gringl
Think like a motion designer – Val Head

The 12 principles of animations from Disney
Guardian’s redesign – slides on all the news that fits to print
Cool resource for animation timing with CSS  – easings.net shows variation of easing in animations
Awesome iOS UI Animations for motion design ideas: capptivate.co and artofthetitle.com
The future of web is printed – Chiara Aliotta
Here’s more food for thought frm Fowd conference – via Medium

April 27-29: Hero PPC Conf – Portland #HeroConf

Maximizing mobile PPC – Aaron Levy
A non-coders guide to Adwords scripts – Christie Olson
The value of PPC Audits – Wijnand Meijer
Selling better: PPC strategies for ecommerce –  Lauren Frankel
Excel(lent) in PPC – Lauryan Feijen
Remarketing lists for search ads will save the  day – Larry Kim

April 27-30: SmashingConf LA 2015 #smashingconf

Debugging HTTP – Lorna Mitchell Making a silky smooth web – Paul Lewis

The problem is that we don’t understand the problem – Rupert Platz

Designing for Trust presentation – Gerry McGovern
The Trivento Transition: enterprise design case: change of identity, experience and enterprise architecture – Entdesigners

April 30 – May 1: Search Love Conference – Boston  #SearchLove

Conference on: Search, Analytics, Content, Website Optimization and many more
Avoiding top 10 data syndrome – Amanda McGowan
Customer experience and the impact on search  – Casie Gillette
SEO leadership: Get from ‘Why’ to ‘Why Not’ – Ian Lurie
Your Brand in 95 Characters – Diana DiTomaso
Insights on Search Love by Jim Spencer

I can’t wait to come up soon with the keynotes on the conferences from May!

If still hungry for more, here you can read the keynotes from the conferences that took place in the first part of April.

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