Keynotes on Open Vis Conference, Grow Conf, Marketing Nation Summit, Converge SE, Lean UX, Generate Conf April (1)

Keynotes on the conferences that took place in the first part of April: Open Vis, Grow Conference, The Marketing Nation Summit, Converge SE, Lean UX , Generate 

My brain just lit up with ideas from these conferences as they treat different problems, small and large business experiences.

Keynotes Open Vis Conference, Grow Conf, Marketing Nation Summit, Converge SE, Lean UX, Generate Conf

April 6-7: Open Vis Conf

All sessions from the conference are available online, the videos and the slides – pretty cool, huh?

We liked the presentations on web and mobile from:

Jim Vallandingham – So you think you can scroll (scrollytelling) 

Lena Groeger – That’s the power of loops 

Presentation on visualisation tools – Jeffrey Heer (how might we create visualisations: Excel and other Doc Types, graphics with code in Java Script) and Adam Perer (What is the role of visualisation in prediction?)

Presentation on usablity

Ramik Sadana – A bit about touch

April 7-9: Grow Conference

The 2 speakers who garnered the most attention were Jessica Alba and Daymond John (with notes on his speech).  Here you can access the talks from #GROWCO

Top 15 takeways from Industry Experts via Spark Business IQ

April 13-15: The Marketing Nation Summit

From the more of 100 top sessions, we present you the top 10. Here are 5 inspiring lessons from day 2 of mktgnation  Here are more presentations:  Data Quality Bootcamp – Inga Romanoff How to create a brand persona on social media – Peg Fitzpatrick  Keynotes on marketing trends from Matt Heinz Keynotes on the presentation Why modern marketing is like math –  Sal Khan  The top 6 takeaways from Arianna Huffington’s #MKTGNation Summit Keynote Create beautiful responsive emails and landing pages – Pierce Ujjainwalla 4 marketing themes that dominated the summit Takeways from Marketing Nations 

April 15-18: Converge SE 2015

Some of our favourite presentations are: Beyond Static: Design Deliverables  – Lea Alcantara CSS Lessons Learned the Hard Way – Zoe Gillenwater React.Js Basics – Robert Pearce Making Credit Card Forms Beautiful – Justin Woo We Will All Be Game Developers – Hunter Loftis Kill all passwords – Jonathan LeBlanc Desigining Today’s Web – Jeremy Loyd Element Queries – Patrick Fulton

April 15-19: LeanUX NYC 2015

John Shook on Learning Organizations An API between us – Presentation byJessica DeVita on rethinking email in your organization How to fuck up respect for people and really piss off your employees – Jez Humble The build trap – Mellisa Perri (see the best slide, 46-> If we launch this product, I expect KPI, to increase/decrease by X% in this amount of time) A really smart and useful bibliography from #leanux on power, syntax, systems and shetlets by Will Evans Important to keep in mind

Building organizations that learn to learn – John Shook Flow of product quality – Matt Barcomb Unifying design and operations – Jeff Sussna Getting started with lean product development – Selena Hadzibabic Kanban for DevOps & the Value of Lean Flow – Dominica DeGrandis   Keynotes on Jim Benson’s presentation – Trust is a platitude, Rapport is a system

April 16-18: LonestarPhp – Dallas, TX (PHP)

Some podcast recordings frm the conference  and more here

April 17: Generate Conference – New York

Web Designer to Motion Designer – Val Head Designing for performance (good performance is good design) – Lara Hogan‘s presentation & great info on image formats Left To Their Own Devices: The Real Mobile Experience – Pamela Pavliskac On design




On mobile …


Web/UI animation resources + 2 others:

April 18: Bulgaria Web Summit

Check out the published videos from the summit   Pssst! Keep calm and stay tuned for part 2 with keynotes from presentations of the worldwide events from April! 

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