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Online marketing includes a wider range of marketing elements than traditional business marketing and is also known also as: internet marketing, web marketing, digital marketing or search engine marketing. Our articles are dedicated to sharing our expert knowledge of online marketing best practices and helping you take your marketing strategies to the next level. You can browse our online marketing articles to find tips, guides and best practices which will help you to understand the opportunities and the current trends of the world of online marketing. With a talented, smart, creative and results-focused digital marketing team, Design19, present you the newest and appropriate ways to help you promote your website on the web. The primary objective of our team is to help you build, monitor and improve your business. If you need help, contact our team, which will offer you personalized, flexible and strategic SEO solutions using 100% white hat SEO techniques.

Practical Guide For Web Developers On How To Use Headings

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If you think that headings are only for embellishment, you’re… heading for a fall. Heading tags, above all, give structure to a web page, their role being visual and technical at the same time. Simply put, they allow human users to see the content structure and machines to understand it.

Aside from providing visual consistency, they also enhance accessibility and usability and, just as important, keep the search engines’ crawlers happy – but ONLY if you use them properly.

Among web developers, confusions on this chapter are common and that’s why we’ve put together a short and practical guide on how to use headings. Read on and the next time you’ll feel the impulse to ask “What heading should I use here”, perhaps the answer will come to you just as natural.

10 Tips for Sending Efficient Newsletters

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Tips for efficient newsletters, campaigns - Design19 Blog

So they opted for receiving your newsletters…

That does not mean they can’t lose interest anytime soon. It only means that reaching their inbox is not enough.

You need to make them want you to stay there.

You need to make them anxiously wait for your newsletter.

You think great content is everything you need?

You’re close, but not really.

Call Tracking In Google Analytics For Your Mobile Site

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Call Tracking Google Analytics For Mobile Sites

Call tracking is an essential metric you need to measure in Google Analytics in order to increase conversions on your mobile site

If you haven’t considered yet adding the call tracking in Google Analytics as a goal for your mobile site, you shouldn’t wait any longer to do it. Here’s why: according to a study by Ipsos almost two-thirds (61 percent) of survey respondents said that “click-to-call is most important in the purchase phase of the shopping process”. 

Business-Specific Photos – Add New Photos To Your Google Local Page

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Google My Business - how to add more locations for your business

New Business-Specific Photos For Your Google Local Page

I recently found out we can use business-specific photos of “Google My Business” when we took a look at our local business page and brand page on Google (yes, we have two).

Business-specific photos is a new feature that our customers can take advantage to optimize their local business listing on Google. “Local Pack” started from August to show 3 results instead of 7 – the update is a clear advantage for 3 results (they should take the business-specific photos into consideration). It will be an opportunity for the other results to qualify in the future as possible first 3 results.

This update is important taking into consideration the raise of mobile search behavior and the way users interact with businesses and sites.

This new feature, allows you to check out the layout, decor or details of your business interior and exterior. This update will give you a great opportunity to connect with your customers and show them what it’s really like inside your restaurant, retail shop, gym, salon or whatever your business is.

The photos will help your business get found on Google (Search, Maps and Google+).  The business-specific photos provide people more relevant information for searches that have multiple results for a given location.

These photos can be added by both businesses or customers.

Mobile Friendly Website Priorities You Should Focus On

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Mobile Friendly Website Priorities You Should Focus On

Do you know how Google’s evolution is forcing business owners to invest in a mobile friendly strategy for their website?

In many countries, including the U.S., more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers (according to Google) and therefore, mobile engagement is the new customer engagement. These are not hot news anymore. The mobile first design is a priority our designers and developers focus on when creating websites. So, here’s what’s important to focus on:

The priorities your mobile friendly site should have or implement in order to perform better.