Mobile Friendly Website Priorities You Should Focus On

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Do you know how Google’s evolution is forcing business owners to invest in a mobile friendly strategy for their website?

In many countries, including the U.S., more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers (according to Google) and therefore, mobile engagement is the new customer engagement. These are not hot news anymore. The mobile first design is a priority our designers and developers focus on when creating websites. So, here’s what’s important to focus on:

The priorities your mobile friendly site should have or implement in order to perform better.

Take these priorities seriously into account when building your mobile friendly strategy for your site and business (including for Local SEO)

  • According to the Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm, you will be penalized if your site performs badly on mobile, so you should focus on the factors that matter most
  • Optimize for your users’ experience. You should load content dynamically and show the resources based on their navigation paths and interactions with the site
  • Your mobile store should have a loading time less than 3 seconds so that your visitors remain engaged, convert and the cart abandonments are lower (read more about increasing your mobile conversion rates)
  • Speed, ease of using and instant access to information on your mobile site are three must-haves to engage your existing visitors and new ones
  • Follow the rules of an optimized mobile site by providing intuitive design, develop 100% touch-friendly buttons and optimize the buying funnel for mobiles (read more on this topic – 5 big mobile design trends of 2015)
  • Responsive web design should not be your only mobile strategy (read more on the topic)
  • With mobile as an emerging channel, businesses cannot ignore when they plan for a Local SEO Strategy 
  • Mobile payments are essential when you want to improve your conversion rates and you should be ready to let your customers get the retail experience to the next level (see some stats on the mobile commerce market as key driver of growth)
  • Focus on the mobile strategy in order to be found by users when they are searching on-the-go, comparing prices on-the-spot or when they do home research (micro moments and context are crucial)
  • Take into consideration the value mobile brings to users in driving them to other channels of your business: physical stores (in-stores visits to inspect actual products, call centers and apps)


Priorities your #mobile friendly website should focus on (for better performance)

Posted by Design19 on Thursday, July 30, 2015


Conclusion: Does your mobile website beats the norm in terms of speed, reliability and purchase experience?

If not, it’s time to do something about it since mobile is a very powerful tool that changes not only consumer behaviour but also business behaviour. From googling to shopping … you need to make sure your visitors experience a smooth shopping process.

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