Call Tracking In Google Analytics For Your Mobile Site

Call Tracking In Google Analytics For Your Mobile Site

Call tracking is an essential metric you need to measure in Google Analytics in order to increase conversions on your mobile site

If you haven’t considered yet adding the call tracking in Google Analytics as a goal for your mobile site, you shouldn’t wait any longer to do it. Here’s why: according to a study by Ipsos almost two-thirds (61 percent) of survey respondents said that “click-to-call is most important in the purchase phase of the shopping process”. 

Click-to-call and advanced Call Tracking and Analytics provide advertisers with the insights they need to include leads from phone calls in ROI calculations (Source).

First of all you should display the phone number in the right place on your website: either in the header, in a sticky or non-sticky menu or in the footer as an important call-to-action of the page where it is visible for users. Displaying the phone number in the right place can be much easier for your customers and prospects to find and call.

Benefits of using call tracking in Google Anlytics on your mobile site

  • The phone number should be made for ‘click to call’ as a feature that enables users to tap easily the clickable button instead of writing down the number and then typing it again in their keypad
  • You can measure how often users complete phone calls and this as a strong buying signal
  • If you have a single phone number on your site you can measure how this goal performs as compared to other conversions you track (contact form, newsletter signups, any other form fill type)
  • It’s an advanced reporting capability of conversions for your website

How tracking calls in Google Analytics can help you measure your goals 

  • If you have certain landing pages with unique phone numbers, you can track the effectiveness of each phone number on that page by setting up goals and tracking them as conversions
  • If your goal is to encourage phone calls on your website or certain page, you can tailor your ads by creating call-only campaigns (bid for phone call clicks instead of clicks to your website) or adding call-extensions to your existing ones in Google Adwords in order to improve your CTR
  • You can track how exactly the calls are a stage in multi-channel conversion funnel 
  • If you already have a mobile site and you’re providing services or selling products to customers, you should have a goal of call tracking in Google Analytics

Steps in creating a Click to Call Goal in Google Analytics

1. Implement the code modifications for the event tracking – these are for Universal Analytics

2. Access Admin in Google Analytics Dashboard -> the View column and select -> Goals

step 2


3. Click New Goal

step 3

4. Name the goal and select Event as Goal Type

step 4

5. Start filling in the info you added in the code – here’s more info about category, action, label

step 5

6. An example

step 6

7. See how it’s working (goal completion details)step 7


Conclusion:  Make it easy for mobile users to call you and don’t forget to include your phone number on all appropriate pages. Call tracking in Google Analytics can help you see the complete view of how your marketing efforts are working alongside with other conversions on your website. If you’re not yet convinced of the effectiveness of mobile on-site phone numbers, you should test and see whether your phone numbers convert and help your business.


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