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Online marketing includes a wider range of marketing elements than traditional business marketing and is also known also as: internet marketing, web marketing, digital marketing or search engine marketing. Our articles are dedicated to sharing our expert knowledge of online marketing best practices and helping you take your marketing strategies to the next level. You can browse our online marketing articles to find tips, guides and best practices which will help you to understand the opportunities and the current trends of the world of online marketing. With a talented, smart, creative and results-focused digital marketing team, Design19, present you the newest and appropriate ways to help you promote your website on the web. The primary objective of our team is to help you build, monitor and improve your business. If you need help, contact our team, which will offer you personalized, flexible and strategic SEO solutions using 100% white hat SEO techniques.

The essentials of your e-commerce blogging strategy

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E-commerce blogging strategy

The idea that blogging is not for e-commerce is just wrong. Content can definitely strengthen your online business, as long as you have a strategy in place and you stick to it. Sure, that’s where most business owners fail – they either don’t have a strategy at all or they are too eager to see results, so they stop too soon.

Practical guide on how to write an SEO Article

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Whether you own an online business (B2B, B2C) or a blog, you’ll always hear about marketing through SEO article (content marketing).

This is a technique used to increase your web page visibility, your traffic but also to reach more readers. All you need to do is write SEO articles.

Do you know how to write an SEO article?

At first sight, you can say that’s very simple….. but are you sure?

Writing an qualitative and correct SEO article is not only about laying out some ideas, is also about: structure, quality of information, keywords, etc.

How to optimize your sitemap.xml.gz for better SEO

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Sitemap.xml.gz - all you need to know on how to optimz it

Search engines are watching your website, though they can run a little slow at times. If you want them to stay up to date with what you post, .XML sitemaps are the best way to do so. Since with the controversial Panda update, having an up-to-date sitemap is even more important than ever, because it helps you prove that you are the original publisher of a disputed piece of content.

In theory, these files actually make a direct communication channel, always ensuring that crawlers get notified faster and more accurately about every content change that you make.

In practice, if your .XML files are not correctly generated and easy to crawl, your SEO score can bruise easily.

Practical Guide For Web Developers On How To Use Headings

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If you think that headings are only for embellishment, you’re… heading for a fall. Heading tags, above all, give structure to a web page, their role being visual and technical at the same time. Simply put, they allow human users to see the content structure and machines to understand it.

Aside from providing visual consistency, they also enhance accessibility and usability and, just as important, keep the search engines’ crawlers happy – but ONLY if you use them properly.

Among web developers, confusions on this chapter are common and that’s why we’ve put together a short and practical guide on how to use headings. Read on and the next time you’ll feel the impulse to ask “What heading should I use here”, perhaps the answer will come to you just as natural.