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SSL Certificates 101 And How To Install One For Free

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SSL Certificates 101 - how to install one for free!

2017 is taking us all closer to understanding what is it with HTTPS websites and SSL certificates. The notion is old but the menace is new since internet browsers are planning to put under the spotlights all the websites that lack a secure connection, making users think twice if they really want to access those platforms.

In this article, we’re going to round up the essentials of SSL certificates. Read on and you’ll also discover the simplest way to install an SSL certificate for free, with just one click

How to optimize your sitemap.xml.gz for better SEO

in Online Marketing
Sitemap.xml.gz - all you need to know on how to optimz it

Search engines are watching your website, though they can run a little slow at times. If you want them to stay up to date with what you post, .XML sitemaps are the best way to do so. Since with the controversial Panda update, having an up-to-date sitemap is even more important than ever, because it helps you prove that you are the original publisher of a disputed piece of content.

In theory, these files actually make a direct communication channel, always ensuring that crawlers get notified faster and more accurately about every content change that you make.

In practice, if your .XML files are not correctly generated and easy to crawl, your SEO score can bruise easily.

How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Website

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Is my website hacked? is not a question that starts from a hunch – when your website gets hit, it’s pretty clear. But it’s not a question exclusively for WordPress website administrators either – all websites can get hacked, no matter the platform they’re built on.

Nevertheless, since this popular open-source CMS is specifically vulnerable to certain attacks, our topic for today will be just that: how can you tell that your WordPress site was hacked and, even more important, how to clean a hacked WordPress website.

Pros & Cons: Responsive Design vs Separate Website vs Dynamic Serving

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Today’s internet users browse from all kinds of devices.

That could be great news for your business, but only if your website is well equipped for the multi-screen consumer.

Google wants you to make mobile-friendliness a development priority – it is, after all, a significant ranking signal.

Are you still struggling to reach every screen and offer your visitors a seamless experience?