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Import hotmail, outlook contacts with Javascript using Windows Live Contact API

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Import hotmail, outlook contacts using Windows Live Contact API

In this tutorial I will show you a practical example of web development: how to import hotmail, outlook, live contacts to your web project, using a client-side method (javascript).

The response data will come in javascript, but you can easily pass it to php with an ajax function.

Note: If you don’t have a account (oulook, hotmail, live), you can create it here :

Import Google contacts with PHP or Javascript using Google Contacts API and OAUTH 2.0

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Import Google Contacts with PHP/Js using Google Contacts API

Inviting friends to a web application is a key factor to gain more users and traffic.

In this article we will try to give a practical, step by step web development example on how you can easily import google contacts to your web application, because even if google offers an api documentation, it’s always hard to find an example that is not out-dated,  that fits in your app without having headaches and losing precious time.

This tutorial will offer examples for Server Side application (php) but also for Client Side application (javascript). We will use OAUTH 2.0 authentication and Google Contacts API version 3.0.