Keynotes worldwide conference March 2015 – SMX West & Munich, SXSW Interactive, SSMW15, AdobeSummit, Wearabletecshow, Mobilism2015

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Keynotes worldwide conference March 2015

With so much insights from the most important worldwide conferences and events from March that covered a wide range of topics in online marketing, SEO, web design and web development, we cannot keep it all for ourselves. Even these conferences ended, we still feel the ripples of these events, so we’d like to present you just great content, resources and coverage from them.

Keynotes and takeaways from EEC15, MCECONF, SESLON, C2C15 February 2015

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EEC15, MCECONF, SESLON, C2C15 - Keynotes & Takeways

Did you miss the 2015 worldwide conferences that took place in February?  Catch up with our “brief” recap of highlights and keynotes from the events in email marketing, social media marketing we followed: Email Evolution Conference, Mobile with Human Touch, SES London, Content 2  Conversion Conference.

 Email Evolution Conference Keynotes [Twitter] (February 2-5)

  • Send the email you would like to receive
  • Remove inactive subscribers from your lists (stopping  mailing to people who don’t respond proves in the long run to be an efficient way of increasing email engagement rates)
  • Before removing the inactive subscribers try to treat them differently, don’t just dump them
  • Deliver personalized emails
  • The more an individual opens your emails, the more likely it is for the emails to be placed in that subscriber’s inbox (Source)
  • Read the email list hygiene and check out the sites that can help you check if you’re on a SPAM blacklist
  • Read more advice from leaders on email engagement and deliverability
  • Read more 25 highlights of the Email Evolution Conference from MailUp Blog

There are no best practices in conversion rate optimization

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No best practices in conversion rate optimization

Are you responsible of improving results at your company? Then you should read this. Browsing on Quora, we found an interesting question. Before asking what are the best practics for conversion rate optimization, we should return to the definition of CRO. What does conversion rate optimization mean for your online marketing strategy?

CRO is the intersection of persuasion marketing (communicating the right message on the right time to the right people), user experience design (the UX should be flawless in order to complete the action), and the scientific method (testing hypotheses that you create) and it should be a continuous process.

Photoshop – Celebrating the 25th Birthday

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Photoshop 25 years

Photoshop’s birthday – Celebrating the 25th Birthday with an Infographic

We read last week on Petapixel about Photoshop’s birthday and we decided to “celebrate” it with an infographic.

As daily users, we though it would be nice to create it and remember this way the first features available from its bithday till today.

Hope you like it. If you’re a Photoshop fan too, fell free to share it as an essential tool in web design.