Keynotes worldwide conference March 2015 – SMX West & Munich, SXSW Interactive, SSMW15, AdobeSummit, Wearabletecshow, Mobilism2015

With so much insights from the most important worldwide conferences and events from March that covered a wide range of topics in online marketing, SEO, web design and web development, we cannot keep it all for ourselves. Even these conferences ended, we still feel the ripples of these events, so we’d like to present you just great content, resources and coverage from them.

design19 blog keynotes from worldwide digital events march 2015

 4YFN [Twitter] (March 2-5)

SMX  [Twitter]  (March 3-5) 

SEO Presentations 

1.  Search Engine Friendly Web Design – Shari Thurow – it reminded us that search engine optimization is not optimizing for search engines only, but optimizing for people who use search engines and users should have on a website the ease and and predictability of navigation (information scent). His presentation focused on how important is information on a webpage or website that should be created exclusively for users, not for search engines as these are just accomodating the website. Nevertheless, the navigation should be created both for users and search engines and what matters are the contextual links that should be found easily.

2. Improving the SEO User Experience – Mark Munroe 

3. How to diagnose and solve technical SEO challenges –  Corey Morris 

4.  The next generation of Structured Data: taking Markup to the next level  – Justin Briggs 

5. An elegant solution for tracking and executing semantic SEO – Mike Arnesen

6.  How to turn Pigeon poop into SEO gold –  Andrew Shotland 

7. Pigeon droppings and onpage performance – Adam Dorfman

8. Learning to live with pigeon poop – Greg Gifford 

9. How to diagnose a Penguin Google Algorithm link penalty – Marie Haynes 

9. Penguin penalty prevention: link acquisition and audit techniques you need to know  – Sha Menz 

10. Technical SEO cleanup for Google’s Panda Algorithm  – Ehren Reilly

11. Page Speed and the Conversion Funnel for SEO  – Matt Storms 

12. What Shark Tank and conversions from SEO have in common – Lisa Williams 

13. How to research keywords for better content creation and audience engagement – Bill Hunt 

14. How to become a mind reader for keywords – Mindy Weinstein

15. Metamorphosis of keywords and SEO – Kate Morris

16. Rich answers in search – Eric Enge

17. The growth of direct answers – Bill Slawsk

18. How to win with direct answers as a content site – Ehren Reilly

19. Eye Tracking – how users view and interact with Google search results – by Matthew Agtarap, and Gord Hotchkiss

20. The Best SEO platforms for large scale sites – Michael Nguyen

21. Voice search and beyond – Greg Sterling 

22. How Apple is changing up search –  Emily Grossman

23. Google Now and the predictive search world – Cindy Krum 

Content creation and content marketing presentations 

1. 3 steps to creating content your audience will share  (by Casie Gillett) :

–  write about something your audience cares about and wants to read

– planning is everything (Tools: Buzzumo, SharedCount, Follower Wonk, Social Monitor, Buzz Stream)

– promotion (market your content: newsletter, influencers, social media (ads)

2. Create content that earns shares, backlinks,  and citations – Kevin Mullett 

3. Link building tactics from 10,000 hours of content marketing – David Kristopher

4. Auditing and analyzing content properties – Rachel Gordon Lindteigen

5.  The power & persuasion of infographics (how NOT to do infographics) – David Wallace

6. How to avoid shady search marketing practices – Motoko Hunt

Mobile Presentations 

1. Converting the mobile SEM visitor –  Martin MacDonald

2. 3 Mobile PPC hacks – Erin Sagin

3. Mobile app deeplinking, development and indexing – keynotes from BruceClay 

4.  Things you don’t know about mobile SEO but should – Bryson Meunier

5. The data behind mobile experiences – Mitul Gandhi 

Google Adwords  Presentations / PPC

1. How to measure and optimize beyond cost per lead – Luke Alley 

2. Dynamic ads – Maddie Cary 

3. Paid search and segmentation – Jeremy Hull

4. PPC account structure – Audience intent – Maria Corcoran 

5. Baseline framework for a PPC account – Patrick Bennett

3. Practical bidding strategies and bid modifiers – Ty Martin

4. Practical bid modifier strategies – (presentation)

5. Must-haves for all mobile marketers (presentation)

6.  The state of PPC in 2015 and beyond  – Larry Kim 

7. How to use remarketing lists for search adsCraig Galyon

8. Do you need bid modifiers?  – Michael Maiman

9. How to reach your goals with smart bidding – Lauryan Feijen 

Conversion rate optimization presentations

1. Query paths and attribution- Lars Hirsch

2. Attributing the Search Assist – Nick Lindauer

3. Smarter attribution with Google Analytics – Adrian Vender

4. How to become a conversion optimization rockstar – Chris Goward

5.  Reallocating your results (or not) – (presentation)

6. Actionable conversion strategies – Tim Ash

SEM Presentations

1. Converting the Mobile SEM visitor

– Only bid on transactional keywords

– Differences between Desktop website (serves all needs), Mobile site (content or links for SEO are not needed as they detract from concersion) and Mobile SEM site (less is more and here every click outside the purchase path = lost sales) –  Martin MacDonald

2. Actionable conversion strategies for SEMs (presentation)

SEO + Social

1. Making it happen: search & socialJanet Driscoll Miller  on a integrated management approach of campaigns:
Develop buyer personas: how your customers look like, what are their demographics (age, gender, ethnicity, income, employemnt status, language) and psychographics (personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, lifestyles). Think beyond landing pages and ads and retarget by personalizing offers and ads

2. Search & Social  – Cynthia Johnson

– Don’t rely on Social Media alone (you don’t own them)

– If you are not on Social Media, “social finds you” (Ex: Facebook and Google+ will create automatically pages for your business)

– Reputation management and authority (besides your website, the other social media profiles should “dominate” the first page of the SERP) – reviews matter

– Social content should be informative and useful  for your audience (share on organic social and then promote the content with ads)

SEO & SEM Presentations 

1. Better together – SEO and SEM –  Michael Kirchhoff

2. 3 Search co-optimization tactics – Caitlin Halpert 

3. Why SEO is not always enough – sometimes you’ve got to pay to play – Michael Gracen

To remember: Within 5 years there will be zero pure organic results on page 1 (in some cases we are already there)

Analytics Presentations 

1. Analytics toolbox – Google Tag Manager – (presentation)

2. How to create Google Analytics dashboards and reports – Jenny Halasz 

3. Tactics to simplify complex manual campaign tracking – Jane Morgan 

Retargeting Presentations

1. Retargeting and the long customer journey – Arun Sivashankaran 

2. DIY data sharing for retargeting – Alistair Dent 

3. [Security] How to secure your site for Google’s HTTPS algorithm – Bill Hartzer 

Here’s a recap with great content, resources and keynotes from the most important conferences that took place in March…

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Adobe Summit 2015 (March 9 – 13)

Takeaways from different sessions:

Marketing Analysis

Marketing is your product and customer experience (CX) is your brand (Shantanu Narayen and Brad Rencher of Adobe)

Digital Experience Management

More amazing insights today from #AdobeSummit rock stars @retailgeek, @ideasthatspread, @forrester, and PwC

Personalization and Optimization (4 keywords: creativity, precision, relevance, and scalability)

  • First steps to create adaptive content for your audience (Source):

1. Listen to your audience in order to know what’s most valuable for the users and customers 2. Prioritize users who matter most 3. Create a culture of content creation with these 4 pillars: inspiration, people, process and content 4. Remove steps for the user (read more)

Marketing innovations Marketing needs to move beyond the marketing department Bringing neuroscience to the world of data-driven marketing (watch the session) Digital Advertising Social Marketing Social ROI all-star panel: Lessons from the front lines Organic reach is dead: How to stay relevant on Facebook with paid content (watch the session)  If you want to find out more about mobile development and marketing, about campaign management and email marketing, you can watch over 150 replays of  keynotes and session recordings of Adobe Summit.

Wearable Technology Show [Twitter] (March 10-11)

It has been reffered as the world’s biggest wearables conference dedicated to tehnology and devices and to the way we interact with machines. The adoption of the wearables is expected to boom and be seen mostly among geeks and athletes, but as well for entreprises with the augmented reality’s practical applications for pilot projects and the medical industry. Wearables are considered to be useful both for personal and workplace use in all sorts of ways (from helping people monitor their activity and encourage them to exercise, to controlling their sleep etc). From Apple Watch, smart glasses and smartwatch payments to medical realities (wearables cancer killers), sport wearables and gear (smart helmets, smart shoes, fitness trackers), fashion, the Wearable Technology Conference showcased the future of these devices that are going to change our lives with their design, development and innovation principles. Here are top 5 devices from Wearable Technology 2015 The wrist revolution is targeting the personalisation of healthcare devices (bionic prosthetics) and the sportware industry. Read more on this topic on The Economist.

SXSW Interactive  (March 13 – 17) [Twitter]

A useful recap (includes topics such as social media, iBeaconswearables, VR experience, brand interactions and more) Here’s a recap with tech panels from SWSW How to master the art of social media – by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

SMX Munich – [Twitter] (March 17-18)

  • Arguments against pure link-building-  Dan Petrovic – Dejan Seo

1. You should never have to depend on an agency for your links

2. Lack of competitive advantage. Easy to copy

3. Pure link building is a waste of time

4. Links are a by-producct of intrinsec content and brand qualities

5. Not future-proof.  His presentation reminded us about an older case study by Rand Fishkin on how will links influence SEO in the future. How to stand out in the marketing field –  Rand Fishkin  Das letzte Learning heute. Which SEO Signals are on the rise? @randfish #smxmuenchen #MAgoesSMX — Kathrin Schneider (@Kathrin_Sr) March 17, 2015

Rethink Conference [Twitter] (March 17-19)

Here’s the summary

Intelligent Content [Twitter]  (March 23-25)

Here are the takeways summed up by Content Marketing Institute and all the presentations from the conference

Other 8 takeaways

ClickZ Live – Jakarta (Digital Marketing) #CZLNY (March 24- 25)

The magic of Mobile SEO – John Shehata 

Social Media Marketing World – #smmw15 (March 25 – 27)

#SocialMedia is about the people..

— Social Plus (@Social_Plus) April 6, 2015

Mobilism 2015 – Amsterdam (Mobile Web) – March 27

Feature detection for proxy browsers that lie about their capabilities (localStorage) #mobilism

Conclusion: If you followed and participated at any of these conferences, we would like to know in the comments below which were the most important takeyaws you took from them and what relevant ideas that you’ve learned  you’ll apply to your projects.

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