Web Design Guidelines and Rules

Web design guidelines and rules still trending in 2015

Web design has quite a history now. The first web page was designed in 1989 and consisted of dark or black background with simple or colored text. Now things changed. We can’t even compare the quality and technology used to design and build them. As years passed, more complex and esthetically beautiful web sites came alive following simple, basic rules in web design.

rules and guidelines in web design

Here are some rules to follow when designing web layouts:

1. Always use a grid! You want your layout to be structured and balanced, displaying information easy to follow or find. It also helps you a lot when you design for mobile and tablet devices.

2. Spacing is a key factor when it comes to break information in sections. Also is much easier to the eye to follow information with a better and bigger spacing between them. More space means more room. Everybody loves big rooms!

3. Font size. It is very important to take into consideration the font size you choose to use from the beginning. Note that not everyone has a sharp sight like you and some peoples find hard to read small sized fonts. You don’t want to loose audience or clients for the simple fact that they can’t read the information you present for them, do you?

4. Color. Let’s keep it simple when it comes to colors. The first thing you need to take in consideration is how many information and text content you want to display. When you are dealing with a lot of text information then it’s best to display them on a white or light background with dark or black text color. Noticed that almost all books have white paper background with black or very dark text on it? That is because it’s much easier to read it and it’s pleasant for the eyes. But imagine a red background with blue text on it.



5. Less is more. You might want to keep things short and display only relevant information and not writing a novel with them. People nowadays are busy so they want to read less text but at the same time find the information they are looking for.

CONCLUSION: These are the 5 rules in web designing I always follow and obey. The rest can be discussed. We, creative people, tend to break some rules when our creativity activates which often is the key to obtain a beautiful, yet effective result.

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