Online Marketing, Web Design, Web Development – Worldwide conferences May-August 2015

Conferences in Online Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, which we recommend you to folllow in the next months (May-August). Here you can see the list of previous events we followed and that took place from January-April. If you haven’t read them already, here are the keynotes of the events from February. Take a look at a little recap from the conferences that took place in March (the ones from April will come soon).

online marketing, web design and web development conferences may august 2015

Online Marketing, Web Design, Web Development Worldwide Conferences May 2015

May 3-8: STAREAST 2015 – Orlando, FL, USA (Software Testing Analysis & Review East is the premier event for software testers and quality assurance professionals) #STAREAST

May 4-5: Predictive Analytics Conference 2015  – Santa Clara, USA  (data management through effective use of data analytics and covers all industry verticals) @bigdataconf 

May 4-5: European Data Protection Days – Berlin, Germany (meet privacy institutions, privacy officers and data protection specialists from all over the world)

May 4-5: The Incite Programmatic Summit – NY, USA – (Brands, publishes, agencies and tech will come together to a comprehensive cross section of programmatic advertising) @InciteMC

May 5: Enterprise UX Summit 2015 – San Antonio, USA (conference for people who work for and in enterprises) @enterpriseux

May 5-7: Gartner Digital Marketing Conference – San Diego, USA  (for Senior Marketing Leaders and covers topics such as: Customer Experience, Data Driven Marketing, Digital Commerce, Emerging Marketing Tech & Trends, Multichannel Marketing)

May 4-8: HOW Design Live 2015 – USA, Chicago (Content strategy, IA, UX, Web Design) #howbrand

May 5-7: J. Boye Philadelphia 15 – USA (Content strategy, CX Design, Marketing transformation, Social business, Intranet and digital workplace) #jboye15 

May 6: Social Media Masters Summit 8 – Chicago, USA (best practiceS IN Social Media and Digital Marketing case studies) #smms8

May 8: Customer Experience Australia (CX, UX) –  Melbourne #uxaustralia

May 11: Agile Content Workshop (Agile, Content Strategy, Content Design, UX)

May 11-14: GOTO Chicago 2015 (International Software Development Conference) #GOTOChgo

May 12: WebVisions Portland 2015 – USA (Content Strategy, UI/UX Design, Web Design) #webvisions

May 12: Social Tools Summit Boston 2015 – USA (Social tools for large and small companies)

May 12-13: Internet of Things World – San Francisco, California

May 12-13: Pulse Conference 2015 – (Customer Success best practices, CX, Customer Success Management, CSM) @gainsighthq

May 12-13: Streaming Media East 2015  – NY, USA (Business, Technology, Video)

May 12-13: Apps World San Francisco – USA (Mobile Apps, TV, Enterprise apps) #AppsWorldNA 

May 12-14: Conversion Conference 2015  – Las Vegas, Nevada USA   (Developments in cross-device targeting and optimization, Tehniques of A/B and multivariate tests that yield results, strategies for using data to deliver highly personalized landing pages, real-world case studies from leading brand-side marketers etc) #ConversionConf 

May 12-14: Brand Strategy Conference San Francisco 2015 – USA (Strategies for Customer engagement, Digital innovation)

May 13: UX Alive Istanbul – Turkey, Istanbul (UI/UX Design, Web Design, User Research) Twitter 

May 13: The Social Media Results Conference 2015 – London, UK (Future-facing, innovative Social Media Marketing Strategies) #SocMedResults 

May 13-15 : Enterprice UX 2015 – USA, San Antonio (UX) #eux15

May 13-15: AUTHORITY RAINMAKER  #AUTHORITY2015 (Content Marketing)

May 14: Westchester Digital Summit – New York, USA  (tech and marketing) @WDSummit 

May 14-15: UX South Africa 2015 – Johannesburg, South Africa  @UXSouthafrica 

May 15-16: TiEcon – Santa Clara, California (dedicated to entrepreneurs) @TiEcon

May 18-21: Internet Week NY – USA (celebrates the intersection of technology, business and culture)  @internetweek

May 19: Dareconf USA – Philadelphia #dareconf (Agile, UX, Product Management) #dareconf

May 19: Signal – San Francisco, California (Developer and modern communications conference)  @twilio

May 19-20: Digital Summit Atlanta 2015 – USA (Content Strategy, Usability/Design, Mobile Marketing, Customer Engagement, Social Media, Email, Search, Analytics & Data, Video )

May 19-20: DataBeat – San Francisco, California

May 20: Cofab Central 2015 – USA, Minneapolis (Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Content Management, UX) #ConfabMN

May 20-21: SMX London – UK (SEO, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing etc) #smx

May 20-21: Digital Workplace 24 – 2015  – online  (like an online TED for digital workplace leaders) #dw24

May 20-21: AD TECH – San Francisco, USA (The event for modern marketing and media) #adtech

May 20-21: Digital Workplace 24  (like an online TED for digital workplace leaders) #dw24

May 20-22: UX London -UK  (UX) @uxlondon

May 20-22: CONFAB CENTRAL – Minneapolis, USA  (Content strategy’s biggest event) @confabevents

May 21: Talk Web Design 2015 – UK, London (Web Development, Web Design) #TalkWD

May 21-22 – DigitalK – Sofia, Bulgaria (startup founders, investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders) @digitalkcon

May 21-22: What Design Can Do  – Amsterdam, Netherlands (about the impact that design can have across all creative disciplines) #WhatDesignCanDo

May 21-23: SOCIAL MEDIA CAMP Victoria, BC  #SMCamp

May 21-23: TYPO Berlin –  Germany @typotalks (“Experts in design, communications, typography and psychology will present strategies for creating character“)

May 22: Front End Design Conference 2015 – St. Petersburg, Florida USA  @frontendconf 

May 25: UX Week 2015 – San Francisco, USA @AdaptivePath

May 25-26: Smart Data Summit Dubai 2015 – (Building your brand from smart data, delivering value using data analytics and more) #SDATAS2015

May 26-28: C2 Montreal – Canada (Commerce + Creativity)  #C2MTL

May 28-30: OFFF Barcelona – Spain @OFFFest (a combination of Offline/Online designers, Motion Designers, Thinkers, Sound Designers, Graphic Designers, Theorists, Developers, Professionals, Students)

May 29: Sud Web 2015 – France, Montpellier (Frontend Development, Web Design, Web Development) #SudWeb

May 29-30: Self.Conference 2015 – Detroit, Michigan USA  (mobile, web, hardware, software, process, and team talks)

May 29-30: Product Camp – Gdynia, Poland  (user experience design, service & product design, product management), @ProductCampPl 



Online Marketing, Web Design, Web Development Worldwide Conferences June 2015

June 1: Future Insights Live – Las Vegas (Front-end, JS, HTML, Web Development)  #FiLive

June 1-4: Interactions 2015 San Antonio , USA (Customer Conference, CX)  @N_Interactions

June 1-4: Austin Code Trip 2015– USA (ASP.NET, Angular, HTML5, Visual Studio 2013 and more)  @VSLive

June 2: Frontend Summit 2015  (online) (Frameworks, JS, UX, Workflows) #frontendsummit

June 2-3: SMX ADVANCED Seattle, USA  #SMX 

June 2-4: Mobile  Marketing Strategies Summit 2015– San Francisco, USA

June 3-5: UXLx: User Experience Lisbon 2015 – Portugal, Lisbon  (UX, User Experience, Usability)  #uxlx


June 4: UX Sofia – Bulgaria – (UX, User Experience, Usability, Mapping) #UXSofia

June 4: UX STRAT Europe 2015 – Netherlands, Amsterdam  (UX, User Experience, IA)  #uxstrat 

June 4: UX Lausanne 2015 – Switzerland, Lausanne (UX, User Experience, IA, UX Design) #UXLS 

June 6: UX Spain 2015 Salamanca, Spain  @uxspain

June 7-12: DevOps Conference West 2015  #BSCADC

June 8-9: Advatera Digital Leadership Forum – Austria, Vienna (Social Media, Digital Marketing etc)  #DFL2015 

June 8-11: Predictive Analytics World for Business – Chicago 2015  #PAWcon 

June 8-11: eMetrics Summit 2015 – Chicago, USA  (Digital Marketing)  #eMetrics

June 7-12:  Better Software Conference West 2015 – Las Vegas, USA #BSCDADC

June 9-11: Social Media Strategies Summit NY, USA  #SMSsummit 

June 9-11: UX Strategies Summit – San Francisco, USA  (Web Design, UX Design, UX Strategy, CX)

June 11-12: UX Scotland 2015  – Edinbugh (UX, User Experience, Responsive Design, IA, Lean Design, Mobile UX) #uxscot

June 11-12: Strategic Brand Development 2015 Philadelphia, USA   @AMA_Marketing 

June 11-12: FLUPA UX-Day Paris, France @assoFlupa

June 12: Web Design Day – Pittsburgh, USA (Responsive Design, UX, Web Development, Web Design) #WDD2015 

June 14-17: GIANT Conference 2015  – USA, Charleston (Content Strategy, Design, Usability, UI etc) #GIANTconf 

June 15-16: Social Media and the Customer Journey 2015 – New York, USA  (senior expertise, huge brands)

June 15-18: SmashingConf New York  (Web Development, Responsive Design, Java Script, CSS) #smashingconf

June 17: Front 2015 – USA, Salt Lake City (Lean UX, UX, Product Management) #joinusatthefront

June 18-19:  ENTERCONF 2015 – Belfast, Ireland (a hot event in tech)

June 20-21: UXcamp Europe 2015 Berlin, Germany (User Experience) @uxcampeurope 

June 20-24: Society for Technical Communication (STC) Summit 2015 (Usability, Content Strategy, IA, UX ) – #stc15

June 22-25:  UXPA 2015 San Diego, California USA  (Simplicity) @UXPA_Int 

June 22-25: ACM Creativity and Cognition 2015, Glasgow, UK (computing’s impact on human creativity)

June 23-25: ClickZ Toronto  #CZLTO

June 26: MNSEARCH SUMMIT LOCATION: St. Paul, MN (SEO, social media, PPC, analytics, content marketing),

June 29-30: MIDI 2015: International Conference on Multimedia, Interaction, Design and Innovation Warsaw, Poland –

June 30 – July 1:  20:20 Customer Experience Summit (“How retailers are going digital? How about the way hotels are personalising customer journeys? Or learn from telecoms how to leverage new customer data?” and much more)


Online Marketing, Web Design, Web Development Worldwide Conferences in July 2015

July 1-5: WebVisions Barcelona 2015 – Barcelona, Spain  @webvisions

July 9: SES Atlanta – USA

July 10-11: Madison + UX 2015 – Madison, Wisconsin USA (UX inspiration) , @uxmad

July 13-15: MOZCON – Seattle, WA –  #MozCon  (SEO, social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics)

July 13-16: Marketing World Boston 2015, USA  (ideas of growth from other companies)

July 14-16: Mobile+Web DevCon 2015 – San Francisco, USA (Mobile, Web Development)  @MWDCON

July 16-17: SIGDOC 2015 Limerick, Ireland @sigdoc 

July 27-28: Aggregate Conference 2015  –  Swansea City and County, Whales (SEO, UX, Digital Marketing) #GGRGT


Online Marketing, Web Design, Web Development Worldwide Conferences in August 2015

August 4-6: ClickZ Hong Kong

August 5-7:  Design & Content Conference  (Content Stretegy, Content Marketing, Web Content) @dcontentconf

August 10-12: ClickZ San Fracisco, USA

August 10-12: An Event Apart 2015 – Washington DC, USA

August 10-12: That Conference 2015 – Wisconsin USA (Mobile, Web & Cloud)

August 17-19: 5th Annual Telecom Customer Experience, Loyalty and Retention Summit – Johannesburg, South Africa

August 17-19: HCRM Evolution 2015 – NY, USA @CRMevolution

August 19-20: HybridConf 2015  – Dublin, Ireland (Web Design, Web Development, UX) #hybridconf

August 24-27: MobileHCI 2015 Copenhagen, Denmark (Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services)  #mobilehci2015

August 25-28 – UX Week 2015  – San Francisco,  USA

August 31- September 2: Confab Intensive 2015 – Portland, Oregon USA (UX, CMS, content strategy, workflow) @ConfabEvents


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