The Best Online Marketing Blogs To Follow in 2015 – Curated News (5)

Either you are an owner of a small or big business, or a passionate online marketer that loves and needs to be up-do-date with the news in the marketing field, there are some online marketing blogs you should definitely follow in 2015. We make the recommendations of online marketing blogs, assuming the fact that you offer yourself a research quality time for your own business.

Online Marketing Blogs You Should be Reading

 marketing blogs every business owner needs to read

Apart from the most known and influencial blogs like the ones above, here’s another list of 50 great and useful marketing blogs to read on a daily basis and another list of great new marketing blogs from Hubspot. And because I am generous (wink), I would add another one with 50 content marketing blogs to read and follow from Creative Market and top 33 from Jay Baer.

Reading them is necessary, but insufficient. Reading these blogs means not only skimming the headlines in your reader (or wherever you may read them from) or reading them just “theoretically” (you might consider books as well) but having the practical intelligence to understand and apply what you read for your own business.  We encourage you to start using the critical thinking whenever reading them. That’s the only way you can reconstruct and test what you read and thus make a change (improvement) for your own business. Acquiring knowledge equals zero in business. It doesn’t matter how good the ideas are, but what matters is their execution.

What is flat design & some inspiration websites using it + some favourite ones

Posted by Design19 on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Conclusion: If you want to be ahead of your competition, “steal” from the best, monitor the trends in online marketing, reach and find new opportunities, threads, innovations in your domain and learn from other verticals. Reading online marketing blogs will make the difference.

Here’s a list of some blogs that might inspire you as well. We like to read their ideas (just to name a few):

Inbound Community

Growth Hackers Community


Luke W

Marketing Experiments Blog

Conversion Scientist

BigCommerce Blog 

Practical Commerce


Bruce Clay


State of Digital

Yoast Blog

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