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Flat design

There has been a huge growing of flat design on the web in the past one and a half years. Recent studies show that they’re only increasing in popularity.

To understand flat design first we must understand what minimalist design is

what is flat design

Minimalism is about breaking things down to the barest, most obvious elements necessary for a design to function. It’s about “Less is more”. Now let’s take it further a little bit.

Flat uses the less is more principle, enhanced with bright, solid colors and backgrounds with clear and obvious call to actions combined with exotic typography. It focuses on simplicity by removing unnecessary textures, gradients and patterns. In flat design, shadows and any other shiny effects are left out, too.

What is flat design & some inspiration websites using it + some favourite ones

Posted by Design19 on Thursday, 30 April 2015

Flat website layouts still look interactive and they “engage” with users using more highly polished graphics.

Conclusion: In my opinion, Flat Design is the perfect style for great UX. By eliminating unnecessary styling, it makes clear code and high adaptability. Whether viewed on a desktop or a mobile screen, flat design is always legible and adaptable.

Here are some of my favourite flat design websites examples: Diagnosite, SA Studio, Bourbaki 13, Google Ventures, Fino Par, Nicolas Bussiere, Chickenbot.

Flat design explained to clients


You can read more about it on: Awwwards, Sitepoint, The Next Web, DesignmodoForbes, Hyperarts.

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