Awesome Free Tools & Paid Tools for your Business – Curated News (4)

Tools matter a lot when we talk about projects in online marketing, web design and web development. Either we talk about tools as plugins, websites, editors, software programes, apps, I guess we all use at least one tool. Tools are important because they can help us achieve our goals.

On the other hand, tools cannot replace your knowledge, experience or skills and we always welcome (new) tools to help us do our best work. Put in 2 words, these tools can enhance your efectiveness and efficiency and they are used with a specific purpose. Tools can help you solve different problems instead of just guessing which these problems are (think at the tools that reveal certain test hypothesis in A/B user testing)

That’s why we would like to present you a curated list of tools that we use, like and think might help you as well in your online projects. Hopefully, they will help you achieve the goals for your business.


We liked that the +300 awesome free things for entrepreneurs and startups are grouped separately. We added some more (the paragraphs in orange and all the other links)


A curated list with free tools and paid tools for small and large businesses to use wisely in any online marketing, web…

Posted by Design19 on 22 Aprilie 2015


Here are some more tools to make you a super marketer from SMX (by Kevin Mullett – check out his impressive list of social media profiles/pages)

And here’s another mixed list of tools for web designers

Conclusion: Work smarter by using the right tools (don’t get obssessed with them) but don’t forget to use your brain, too 🙂

As a bonus, here are some useless (but funny) websites (non-tools): Staggering Beauty (warning: contains flashing images), Weave Silk, Koalas to the max, Geek Typer, Blue Ball Machine

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