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How to optimize your sitemap.xml.gz for better SEO

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Sitemap.xml.gz - all you need to know on how to optimz it

Search engines are watching your website, though they can run a little slow at times. If you want them to stay up to date with what you post, .XML sitemaps are the best way to do so. Since with the controversial Panda update, having an up-to-date sitemap is even more important than ever, because it helps you prove that you are the original publisher of a disputed piece of content.

In theory, these files actually make a direct communication channel, always ensuring that crawlers get notified faster and more accurately about every content change that you make.

In practice, if your .XML files are not correctly generated and easy to crawl, your SEO score can bruise easily.

Wrap of PubCon, MX15, SMSsummit, UXPoland, IAS15, Campdigital, TNWeurope, FOWD, HeroConf, SmashingConf, SearchLove (April 2)

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Wrap with presentations from PubCon, MX15, SMSsummit, IAS15,CampDigital, TNWEurope, GEL2015, FOWD, HeroConf, SmashingConf, SearchLove

Amazing learnings and good inspiration from awesome online marketing conferences that took place in April.

Here’s the food for thought, the wrap and keynotes

Curated News (4) Awesome Free Tools & Paid Tools for your Business

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Tools matter a lot when we talk about projects in online marketing, web design and web development. Either we talk about tools as plugins, websites, editors, software programes, apps, I guess we all use at least one tool. Tools are important because they can help us achieve our goals.

On the other hand, tools cannot replace your knowledge, experience or skills and we always welcome (new) tools to help us do our best work. Put in 2 words, these tools can enhance your efectiveness and efficiency and they are used with a specific purpose. Tools can help you solve different problems instead of just guessing which these problems are (think at the tools that reveal certain test hypothesis in A/B user testing)

That’s why we would like to present you a curated list of tools that we use, like and think might help you as well in your online projects. Hopefully, they will help you achieve the goals for your business.